A Brand New Day (Wrapped in Same Ole Same Ole)
5 Jul 2024

Politics is a game, with rules. Winners understand the game, plot their moves and play to win. Losers blame the system, or complain that things are rigged. In American political culture, the response to any political outcomes might well be to burn down whichever institution most recently moved contrary to one’s own will – Americans are happy to destroy history, tradition and the very structure of their government to protect their party. Here in England, we’ve seen centuries of games of State of all kinds played out, and we’re not impressed by much. Tantrums least of all.

I say some things with the disclaimer that I’m still a newbie – and while I’ve acquainted myself with all the published material I could find, the unwritten rules of the system here is still a mystery to me. I’ve voted a lot here, more than in the rest of my life combined, but all locally. This was my first national election, and the outcome was educational.

But in a nutshell, and without blaming the system, this is how I see what just took place in UK politics:

The first past the post system – which every player was fully aware of and which has been in place for longer than most countries were countries and therefore is no surprise to anyone – means that the Labour party won a landslide. By actual turnout and share of vote, they did worse than when they were run by an actual commie, Corbyn, and thus, arguably, Sir Keir’s efforts to bury the socialist aspects of the party and provide it with a new coat of respectability wasn’t successful.

Looking at the actual numbers, between Reform and the Conservative Party, the majority of voting Britons are sanely, reasonably, mildly right of centre.

So how do we explain the landslide?

It is claimed that people were just ‘sick of the Conservatives’ quite a lot, but this is not an accurate take. It’s more that ‘the Conservatives’ in parliament were too busy jostling for power and playing games among themselves to listen to what their constituents wanted.

The hard left will cancel anyone on any pretext, that is an established truism in global politics. So that they will risk anti-British ideas – to the point of complete self destruction – because Boris ate cake between meetings is no wonder.

What was a wonder was that the party membership did not want to get rid of Boris and the people in charge of the party did so anyway.

The party, in posh British accents and beautiful choice of prose, essentially told the members to go fuck themselves. They proposed Sunak as a replacement.

The members said: Hey, where’s Boris? We want Boris! Bring him back. No? Okay then, we want Kemi.

Screw thou a second time, came the retort from Westminster.

Why are you doing this, said the members. We like Boris and he gave us a huge win and we can continue or at least build on that momentum. Damn it… okay, give us Liz.

To which the party replied: You want Liz huh? We’ll give you Liz. For about three days. And all our pals in the media and academia will pull an economic scare – semi-unfounded. You will have Sunak and you will take Sunak you ungrateful peasant fucks!

To which the membership went… you know what… we don’t think those guys in parly are listening to us. I mean, we liked Boris but even under him, we’re seeing amounts of migrants that we’ve expressly communicated we’re uncomfortable with ever since Blair opened the floodgates. Now we know you call us names… but you do that anyway… so terms like racist and bigot are no longer slurs, they’ve lost all meaning.

We want a sensible, right off centre government, like the kinds currently winning power across Europe. Of course everyone is using terms like ‘far right’ and the most ideologically captured make associations with fascism – which was actually and demonstrably really a leftist movement – but, again, they call anyone to the right of Trotsky far right.

So we, the party members, are going to do what we did the last time the establishment didn’t listen to us and bring in an outlier – one particularly despised my the media and the elites – and see if he can help us send the message the same way he got us out of that corrupt and castrated undemocratic bureaucracy in Brussels.

And cést viola.

Here we are.

It is easy to be a lefty in opposition – all you have to do is complain about everything and expect everyone to judge you by your pristine ideals.

It’s a lot harder to govern, especially because lefty techniques and philosophies don’t work (trust me, I’ve barely managed to escape one).

What we’ll see now is some wealth destruction and severe tightening of belts as the government becomes more generous with other people’s money for migrants that shouldn’t be here, and institutions that can’t be saved because their intrinsic natures are not to work.

Then the blowback.

But between then and now, what we have is a totally dismantled right. Farage and Reform will build – or attempt to – a serious, viable, actual Right so that the socialists, trade unionists, anti-Westerners and Islamists can be brought under control. The Conservatives will have to try do the same. The majority of voting citizens, and vote-capable citizens, is currently politically homeless because the Tories eat their own and scored own goals to the point of obliterating their support.

It is same ole, same ole – in a lot of ways. Brits treat their elected officials terribly and I don’t have the balls to ever be a politician in this town (not that, mind you, anyone in their right mind would vote for me). Unlike where I’m from, where the majority of PEOPLE are on the left, we can survive a government that is to the left long enough to get them to disqualify themselves. I see it as stiff upper lip endurance. We’ll outlast it like we did the last time socialists blitzed London, then national ones as opposed to internationalists.

There is a growing movement among the youth that reject the inane platitudes on which progressivism is built. There is opportunity now to restore the enduring principles that have built the Anglosphere, and to reject the self-flaggelating masochism demanded by Fanonist racists, postmodern Critical theorists and assorted varieties of closet or Gucci Marxists.

Who will win?

Will the left pull off a miracle, and be the first successful case of pseudo-socialism in history? Will the right rebound, and if so, which right will it be?

We’ll wait for the outcome of the next election. Until then, if nothing else, HOPEFULLY, one lesson has been learned…

Wipe your ass with your constituents, and they will ultimately flush YOU down the john.

Now, anyone for a spot of tea?