2023 upDates
21 Nov 2023

Supreme Lovelies, Dear Readers and Viewers, Snoopers, Tire-Kickers, Friends, Family, Brethren All…

As we get toward the downslope of 2023, I can report that I am happy, and in good health, and very, very tired. 2023 has been quite the year – laying a foundation that will drive things forward in 2024. I am proud of the work I managed to do, while as always feeling I wanted to manage more. But I did my very best, and that, sometimes, just has to pass for good enough.

A lot of the work done in 2023 was behind the scenes, below the surface kinda work. Not creative output as much (although, we made a short film, two webseries, five short stories, steady progress on a novel and two complete feature film screenplays, as well as a blogpost of some kind every weekday) – but the admin, the infrastructure, the processes, policies and procedures necessary to support the creative work.

To me the creative work is all important – it is the point of it all – the products that I make for those who like my stories, whether in print, on screen or in eardrums.

But in order to do the creative work, a whole lot of other things have to be in place.

I have spent a lot of time in 2023 getting those things in place.

What I am also looking forward to, is a bit of a break. I take these big breaks once a year, over the December period.

There are still a few things happening this year, but I am actually going to take a bigger break than usual, because the year was a heavier load than usual.

The Blog will continue to have fresh content every weekday until Friday, 8 December 2023. After that, posts will be sporadic. We will resume the full schedule (a fuller one, in fact, but more on that in the new year) from Monday the 15th of January 2024.

The Lounge Club can expect their newsletters, with two more issues – 24 November and 8 December. They will get some heads up intel on some of what’s coming down the pipeline. I can’t tell when TLC will accept new members yet, but there will be ways to join sometime in 2024.

The second episode of the Story of Stories documentary will air on the YouTube Channel on Friday 1 December. The next Mind’s Eye Theatre episode will air 5 January.

The online store portion of the website is undergoing serious stress testing and wargaming over the holiday period – there will be a quiet, soft launch sometime in January – but you will see the store get a bigger presence without turning me into one of those annoying always selling something like my readers are milk cows in some sort of soulless, heartless funnel syndrome people. It will be a very solid store with lots of really great stuff – but considering that every single product I have created for the past 18 months was FREE to the public, by now it must be clear I’m not in it for the money honey (I’m in it for the love 😉

With those little thingies in place, I’m slowly stepping back and taking care of my heart, soul and the best partner that God could have possibly sent me for a bit. If you see a bit less of me for a little while around the antisocial media profiles and the interwebs in general, that’s nothing to worry about.

Shalom out.